Apps to Manage Your Domestic Economy

As a child, more than one of you may have heard the phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees.” What’s more, winning it costs its own unless you fall for an unexpected millionaire inheritance. On the other hand, spending it has never been easier, with the amount of stimulus to buy that we run into throughout the day.

Domestic Economy

For these and other reasons, it is convenient to spend some time looking at our personal finances, knowing our income, monitoring our expenses and, ultimately, controlling our domestic economy so as not to spend more than we have, something that never ends well.

We propose a selection of Android applications with which this control of your personal finances will be more bearable. As simple as entering the data and viewing it using graphics, colour codes, labels and other resources.


Although it is in English, Dollarbird is very useful for managing your household finances. It also does it in an original way, based on a calendar. Hence its name, personal finance calendar, a personal finance calendar.

Instead of making a list of expenses and income or creating a spreadsheet, it is a matter of entering the data in the calendar. So you will clearly see recurring expenses and income, such as your salary and bills for water, electricity, gas, Internet …

Dollarbird will organize that data and classify it automatically. It will do the same with your personal scales on a daily or monthly basis so that you know if you need to curb your expenses or you can save at the end of the month.


Through graphics and icons, Whallet helps you manage your household finances. With simplicity as the main ingredient. And with graphic resources so that at a glance you can understand the status of your money.

Among other things, you will be able to compare your monthly income and expenses, classify your expenses by categories, list your movements, share that information, view your expenses through various graphs …

On the other hand, Whallet is available in several languages, including Spanish, and is compatible with most currencies, so you can operate with your currency and/or with those of other countries or territories.


With a somewhat sparse and vintage look, MoneyWise offers you to keep your money up to date and know in advance if you will make it to the end of the month or save something for the next month. All this in a traditional way, entering the data.

Then you can see your personal finances through a list organized temporarily and through easy to understand graphs. On the other hand, it will help you to classify your expenses to better detect them and to plan several portfolios.

For the rest, MoneyWise is in Spanish, supports currencies from all over the world, does not require an Internet connection to work and allows you to export your finances to CSV or HTML and then manage that data in other applications.


Also with the simplicity per flag, Fudget allows you to enter your financial data of income and expenses to later process them and know your daily, weekly and monthly household economy. In addition, you can define limits to your budgets yourself to see if you are spending the usual or you are spending.