Best Features Coming With iOS 14 to iPhone

The truth is that iOS 14 comes with much more news than we expected, it is a deep update that goes far beyond the widgets that so many headlines have taken. With iOS 14 comes a lot of features, we’ve found more than 100 new features, and many of them are great and I’m sure you’re looking forward to trying them.

iOS 14 features

Today we have collected 7 great features of iOS 14 and quite unknown, they are not the type of news that is announced among the main ones, but they are more than interesting. Also, now that the iOS 14 public beta is available, anyone can try these new features.

Best Features of iOS 14

Add a caption

It may sound silly, but this feature may be one of the best in the Photos app on iOS 14. Photos are made for memories, and you may want to jot down something that happened at that precise moment that will stick with that photo forever. That’s why iOS 14 includes a new Caption feature with which you can remember more details of that moment. All you have to do is go to any photo, swipe up, and complete the caption.

Taps on the back of the iPhone

A function that can bring almost anything, even Google Assistant to the iPhone. Apple allows two or three back touches to activate different functions or Shortcuts, so just double-tapping the back of the iPhone will activate any function, a great trick.

Clean the home screen

iOs 14 introduces many new features to the iPhone home screen, and the best thing is that now you can delete apps from this screen so that the icons do not appear, but they will still be in the new Applications Library. You can even configure that new downloads don’t appear on the home screen from Settings> Home screen.

Radares en Apple Maps

It is not a function that we will see soon outside of the United States, but it is a very interesting novelty for Apple Maps. Now the radars will appear on the map drawn and Siri will sing them before we arrive, a much-desired feature that we hope will expand quickly to more countries.

Watch YouTube videos in the background

Something we’ve been wanting for years, without having to pay for YouTube Premium. Now thanks to the Picture in Picture function we can watch YouTube videos while we do something else, or even leave them in the background by dragging them to the side, the YouTube app will stop being used.

Open or lend your car with the iPhone

Carley is going to revolutionize the car market, we will no longer need a key to open and start our car, our iPhone or Apple Watch will be able to do it. But this function has many improvements, for example, we can open the car even if the iPhone is without battery, or we can also lend a friend our car by sending an invitation from our iPhone.

Independent exposure control on the camera

The camera has also improved in iOS 14 and now we have a new setting to better control exposure. All we have to do is slide up to bring up the settings menu and click on the new icon with a circle and a + and a -.